Monday, August 4, 2014

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You can many books and publications about this topic at They have huge collection about this and if you want to download files from scribd for free you can use this scribd downloader. This is just one from many books I recommend.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Update on Wendy Fisher Case

Back in July I wrote about a woman named Wendy Fisher, 40 who was gunned down in front of her daughter when she confronted a car full of blacks for driving to fast down her residential street. Here is an update on that case. A seventeen year old black male named Trayon Washington has been arrested and is being held without bond. Also being held without bond is his accomplice Pat Maurice Brown, 21 who was already out on bail when he was involved in the Fisher killing.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Older Bus Driver Sucker Punched

A Kansas City, MO bus driver who appears to be in his 60s was sucker punched and seriously hurt by a black male who punched him for no apparent reason. Although the fact he was white, older and posed no real threat probably played a huge role. The thug who punched him was among a group of other blacks. You can clearly see the driver is in a daze after the blow and might have even temporarily lost consciousness.

UPDATE*** A black teenager named Michael Cubie, 18 has been arrested and charged with assault and attempted bus hijacking. Cubie states he was "Just having a bad day". The driver stated that the group got on and he knew they were not going to pay (Gee, I wonder what gave him that impression?) and ordered them off the bus. Cubie told his fellow thugs he was going to punch him.

                                            Michael Cubie, 18

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Killed From a Punch

Adam McCloud was killed from a single punch which knocked him back and caused him to slam his head. McCloud was at a local bar when he got into an altercation with Eric Richrards who punched him out. McCloud languished in the hospital before he ws taken off of life support.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fool Me Once, Shame on Me. Fool Me Twice?

A group of black men phoned in a delivery order to a Chinese restaurant. An astute employee recognized the address to be similar to another one that was used before where the deliveryman was robbed. He called the police who sent a squad car over and immediately four black males took off running. One with a white shirt wrapped around his head. The police gave chase and managed to catch them all.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swedish Boy Beaten and Burned by Somali Immigrants

Somali immgrants in Sweden beat an indigenous teenaged boy named Rudolf, 18 and proceeded to douse him with lighter fluid, set him alight and then kick him down a hill. All this while liberal Sweden goes mad with grief over the fact that  a few Somalis in a small Swedish town have been called bad names by some town residents. Protests are already gearing up. Rudolf? Meh. Nothing to see here, move along.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ironic Twist in Murder/Rape of Swedish Girl

UPDATE***** After doing some further research it seems there is some confusion as to wether or not the girl in the video is indeed Erin Krantz or another Swedish girl and actress named Michela Eklund. And after viewing photos of both Eklund and Krantz compared with the video I have to say I believe the girl in the video to be Eklund. It looks like I might have got bitten with this one. This does not diminish however that Elin Krantz died a horrible death at the hands of a black immigrant to Sweden. Posted below are pictures of Krantz and Eklund. You be the judge.

This is an older story that completely slipped under my radar. Granted, my blog was not up at the time of this crime. But I don't even recall ever hearing about it! But it is an important story and a cautionary tale. Thus I am posting it today. About two years ago a music video called "Mix it Up" (which I did hear about and watch.) was shot in Sweden. The whole premise of the video was that whites should sleep with non - whites. It was pure Miscegenation propaganda. The video itself is a topic worthy of an entire post. One of the "Stars"of the video was a pretty little blond Swedish girl named Elin Krantz. At one point in the video, Krantz can be seen writhing on top of a black male in mock sex while singing what I believe to be the Swedish National Anthem. You can see it in the video beginning around the 1:02 mark.

In a twist of sickening fate Elin Krantz was brutally raped, murdered and her body discarded like garbage by a black male who was riding the same train as her. I have seen the crime scene photos and they are sickening. I take zero pleasure in the fact that this poor girl departed this earth in one of the most horrible ways imaginable. But the irony here is not lost on me. If anything, Elin Krantz should be the poster child for the evil human sacrifice cult that is liberalism. A cult that is especially successful at brainwashing and sacrificing young white women to its God of Non - Discrimination.