Sunday, October 7, 2012

Older Bus Driver Sucker Punched

A Kansas City, MO bus driver who appears to be in his 60s was sucker punched and seriously hurt by a black male who punched him for no apparent reason. Although the fact he was white, older and posed no real threat probably played a huge role. The thug who punched him was among a group of other blacks. You can clearly see the driver is in a daze after the blow and might have even temporarily lost consciousness.

UPDATE*** A black teenager named Michael Cubie, 18 has been arrested and charged with assault and attempted bus hijacking. Cubie states he was "Just having a bad day". The driver stated that the group got on and he knew they were not going to pay (Gee, I wonder what gave him that impression?) and ordered them off the bus. Cubie told his fellow thugs he was going to punch him.

                                            Michael Cubie, 18

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